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We also receive the email enquiries and questions regarding the online consultations and requests for interviews.

Grandmaster Wolf is a world renown mystic and spiritual mentor to like minded people all over the world and his teachings have been translated into several languages.



G.M. Wolf is an exclusive, international online consultant who deals primarily in the field of human psycho dynamics.

GM's expertise in this field is generally engaged by high stress companies and other bodies, who deal with critical situations on a daily basis. In this capacity GM trains management, staff members and individuals in the techniques and practices designed to fully instill total self mastery and control of mind, emotion and body in order to maintain optimum levels of mental, emotional and physical health.

The Exclusive Mystic Consultancy team organises the online consultations for people who are interested in meeting with GM online. During your time with GM, you can ask him any questions you would like.

As a mystic and spiritual guide GM's findings and teachings are all online for free. However, many people choose to book time with GM via his online workplace in order to speak with him regarding personal spiritual practices and issues.

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