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How To Book
Step 2 - Timeslot Reservation for 48 Hrs


The online calendars were created so that you can view and book the available time-slots in your local time. Under the calendar image you can adjust the time-zone to you (example-1 below). If you are travelling, make sure you select the time-zone you will be in on that day. The 48 hour time-slot reservation is to give you plenty of time to organise the payment for your online consultation.

Your Action: Log into your choice of calendar and select your time zone. Available time-slots are shown with a circle (example-1). After you select a time-slot, the next page to appear is the Booking Form (example-2). Please fill out your details and submit the form. The 48 hour reservation starts the moment you submit the form.

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Step 3

Step 1

Example 1

Calendar with time-slots

Example 2

Booking Form

Our Action: After you submit the Booking Form, our booking system automatically sends an email summary of your reservation so you have the time/date details. (see example-3). We will cancel the reservation if:

~ (Bank Transfer) You submit a time-slot within 4 workings days

~ You submit a different email address to the one you registered

Example 3

Summary of Reservation

IMPORTANT NOTE - Bank Transfer : Those of you planning to use Bank Transfer, please do not select a time-slot that is within 4 working days. We need to allow time for the payment transfer to arrive. We will automatically cancel any submitted reservation that ignores this note. Your bank may promise fast transfer, but that doesn't imply that our bank will process/show the transfer as quickly.

Example of Cancellation Notification is on the Step 3 page. 

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